Peculiar and Unmistakable


This project’s title ‘Peculiar and Unmistakable’ references Walter Benjamin’s ‘The Arcades Project’, in which he states “Railroad tracks, with the peculiar and unmistakable dream world that attaches to them, are a very impressive example of just how great the natural symbolic power of innovation can be”. This excerpt from Benjamin sums up what I was trying to express in my photographs through the dream-like colours and thealmost surreal shapes and textures.
By disfiguring the high-rise buildings into blurred blocks of repetitive patterns I intended to represent the essence of the modern city from the inside. From afar, the city with all its skyscrapers can clearly be defined and lingers like a snapshot on your mind’s eye. On the inside, however, the city loses that memorable form and buildings merge into one another. This feeling is ever more accentuated from a moving train.