Big IF


Saturday saw 45000 people gather under the sun in Hyde Park to demand G8 leaders tackle the causes of hunger. Opening ceremony director Danny Boyle addressed the crowd, in the Olympic spirit that we all felt last year he said “We expect our government and other world leaders to fight with all the energy and cunning and determination of Chris Hoy and Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis and Bradley Wiggins – to fight and fight and fight to end hunger until they win”

Philanthropist Bill Gates joined him on the stage and highlighted “The great travesty of our time is that 1 in 8 people do not have enough to eat. If babies do not get the right nutrition in the first 1000 days of their life, they will never be able to achieve their full potential”

An installation of a field of spinning flowers was set up with each of the millions of petals representing a child’s life lost because of malnutrition. When it was being taken down it was beautiful to see children walking through and picking out different colour flowers to keep for themselves.

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