Backyard Beekeeper


We have a big problem in our dwindling bee population due to pesticides, habitat loss and disease. This is especially important as over 75% of food crop requires pollination. One threat to bee population is the Verroa mite, which can wipe out whole colonies by feeding on the bees blood.

Seamus Anderson is helping prevent these problems by providing accommodation for bees. His first swarm was under a trampoline in a nearby property. He has since responded to local calls and integrated various swarms into his hives.

Seamus treats his hives for the Verroa mite every few months to ensure his colony stays healthy. He collects any extra honey from his hives after ensuring the bees have enough to feed on in the winter. Then takes it down the canal in his canoe to sell at the local village deli. He uses the canal for it’s original purpose, the transportation of goods. He also makes sure his honey has zero food miles.

The bees that made the honey may fly over the very homes of people who consume it and the shop in which it is sold. Local honey is thought to help treat allergies. Seamus’s actions may be small, but they have a large impact.