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The Girls who will change Pakistan

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In the Sindh province of Pakistan, 1.8 million primary age children are not in school. This figure is easy to believe when you drive out of the city and see  children labouring in the fields, harvesting the crops, often alongside … Continue reading


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I am Fine.

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Singapore’s migrant workers, human beings who leave their families for several years at a time in order to support loved ones back home. Life is hard, working for long hours for little pay under dangerous working conditions in primarily construction … Continue reading

Backyard Beekeeper

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  We have a big problem in our dwindling bee population due to pesticides, habitat loss and disease. This is especially important as over 75% of food crop requires pollination. One threat to bee population is the Verroa mite, which … Continue reading

Big IF

BIG IF Saturday saw 45000 people gather under the sun in Hyde Park to demand G8 leaders tackle the causes of hunger. Opening ceremony director Danny Boyle addressed the crowd, in the Olympic spirit that we all felt last year he … Continue reading


I photographed the band Wardell when they were over in London. They are the brother-sister duo comprised of Sasha and Theo Spielberg, and despite having a rather famous family name, they really have the talent to back it up.  We … Continue reading

London Grammar

London Grammar Wednesday night took me to Electrowerkz to shoot some photographs for DIY magazine of London Grammar’s debut show. Check them out on soundcloud.

Peculiar and Unmistakable

This project’s title ‘Peculiar and Unmistakable’ references Walter Benjamin’s ‘The Arcades Project’, in which he states “Railroad tracks, with the peculiar and unmistakable dream world that attaches to them, are a very impressive example of just how great the natural … Continue reading